%’s of Items up for Auction at HappyBidDay

Hello everyone,

I was just sitting on deck of the boat at the marina at Hurricane Hole Marina, Paradise Island, The Bahamas.

I wanted to see what the % of items were up for sale at HappyBidDay.com

50% Gift Cards with Bid Packs

37% Bid Packs

13% Other Items:  1 HDTV, 1 iPad, 1 Printer, 1 Hair Trimmer, 1 Bar of Silver, 1 printer and 1 Internet TV.

Now when I go and look at BidCactus and others, they have multiple items up for auction at one time.  That is why I recommend HappyBidDay as a starter auction site.  The place to “learn” your strategy so you can reap the rewards at other sites.  I do like that I can clean-up with Gift Cards here, just the other items are a little lacking!

Drew Rossi


HappyBidDay Super Bowl Experience

45% Off Bid Pack Purchases at HappyBidDay

This coupon is for existing happyBidDay customers Only.  When you sign up, you can use “HAPPYHOLIDAYS” to receive 20% off your first bid pack purchase.



New Penny Auction Site:

It seem’s a new Penny Auction Site with some promise has emerged.  TheBidShak.com is a new site that is only operating on the weekends as 99.9% of all new Penny Auction Site do.  The items up for auction are pretty cool too:

  • xbox 360, 4gb sold for $0.16
  • $15 iTunes card for $4.55 (OUCH)
This is a good time to introduce our Forum; a place where you can speak your peace about any Penny Auction Site!  Don’t be a stranger, head on over to the forum, register and say hi!

HappyBidDay Limited Time Bonus Bid Packs

HappyBidDay Holiday Promotion

Friday Is The Last Day For Christmas Shopping

I have spoken to several Penny Auction sites concerning holiday delivery.  Pretty much all have stated that if you win your auction and pay before Friday, December 16, 2011, you product should be sitting under your tree for Christmas.  If you have any doubt whether your presents will arrive on-time, call or email the Penny Auction and offer to pay for expedited delivery.

  • HappyBidDay: 302.294.0879 or support@happybidday.com
  • BidCactus:  1-800-BID-8711 or info@bidcactus.com
  • Ziinga:  +1-3606374848* or info@ziinga.com or Live Chat
  • DealDash:  Online Support Form Only
  • BiggerBidder:  855-655-2339 or Online Support Form
  • BidRivals:  Offline at this time (Maintenance)
  • BidBass:  contact@bidbass.com
  • Zbiddy:  1-877-403-6981 or support@zbiddy.com or Live Chat

Drew Rossi

12 Days to Christmas with HappyBidDay

HappyBidDay Santa Surprise